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Red Sox 2, Yankees 4, End 5: CC Sabathia Escapes More Trouble With Extended Lead

This game has the feeling of a Red Sox lead, but it comes with a two-run deficit for now.

After being given his first two runs of support in the fourth, John Lackey returned one right off the bat in the fifth, giving up a leadoff Mosnter shot to, of all people, Francisco Cervelli to put the Yankees back up by two.

It wouldn’t have been quite so painful a mistake, however, had the Sox not once again let CC Sabathia escape trouble in the bottom half. After Dustin Pedroia struck out to start the inning, David Ortiz extended his hitting streak with a single to left field, and moved to Third as Jed Lowrie sent a sharply hit ground ball past a diving Eric Chavez at third. The Sox were in a position to tie things with just one hit, and almost did so when Carl Crawford made hard contact on a 1-1 fastball, but it was hit right at Robinson Cano, who went to the ground to make the grab in the air and saved the lead. Jarrod Saltalamacchia struck out, and once again the Sox made nothing of a golden opportunity.