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Red Sox 4, Rangers 0: Adrian Gonzalez Unreal, Adds Another Bomb

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any better, Gonzalez has made it five homers in three games and ten at bats. The result is that the Sox have again doubled their lead, building it up to 4-0.

The extra run came due to Jed Lowrie having drawn the first walk off of Ogando in the game, but it was once again Adrian who put the runs on the board. Having failed with the middle-in approach in the first, the Rangers opted to pitch Gonzalez away to much the same outcome. The first pitch he saw was definitely on the outer part of the plate, so Gonzalez decided to go opposite field with it, launching another his second shot on as many pitches.

Andrew Miller faced the most trouble he has yet in the bottom of the inning, allowing a leadoff walk and perhaps causing an infield single himself when he knocked down a weak chopper, keeping it from getting to Jed Lowrie. But the next ground ball found its way to the ranging third baseman on the grass, allowing him to start a nifty double play to escape the inning.