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Red Sox 2, Rangers 0: David Ortiz Adds Homer Of His Own

The Red Sox have doubled their lead to 2-0 after David ortiz picked up his first home run since removing the boot.

The pitch to Ortiz was not so egregious as the one to Gonzalez in the first, but perhaps showed a lack of familiarity with the big slugger. Inside is where Ortiz likes them, and inside is what he got, cleaning out a fastball that was in an area that only a select few can call their wheelhouse.

Other than that, though, Ogando has been dealing, recording five of his six outs via the K. Too bad whenever he allows contact the ball is leaving the park.

Andrew Miller, meanwhile, has been dodging contact as well, adding another pair of strikeouts in the second to work around a leadoff single from Michael Young. With the lack of walks in the first couple innings, Miller looks entirely unlike himself out there.