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Red Sox 11, Rangers 1: The Resurgence Of Carl Crawford Continues

The Red Sox just keep pouring it on, and now it’s coming from the most encouraging of sources: Carl Crawford.

There’s been a noticeable difference in Carl Crawford’s approach at the plate of late. Instead of trying to close his stance with a big timing step, Crawford is now closing right before the pitch, and then taking a small, in-control step.

Cue results: 7-for-23 (.304) with a double, a homer, and a pair of walks to just three strikeouts in his last six games, Carl has now added another couple of hits with a homer to center field Wednesday night. The homer came with Jed Lowrie on base via a single, making it 11-1 for the Sox, and five runs batted in for Crawford.

Beckett is out of the game, leaving Franklin Morales with an opportunity to further prove himself. He took full advantage of the situation, too, striking out two batters en route to a 12-pitch 1-2-3 inning.