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New England Patriots Preseason 2011: Haynesworth To Play Saturday?

Albert Haynesworth could suit up for the New England Patriots in a game as soon as this Saturday when the Pats take on the Detroit Lions at Ford Field, according to Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick.

"If he's ready, yeah," Belichick said when asked of Haynesorth's status.

Asked whether he was ready, Belichick responded, "Well I don't know. He's day-to-day."

"I can't [elaborate]," Belichick said when asked for more details. "We'll go out there tomorrow, and if he's ready to go, he'll practice. If he's not, then he'll do the other things to get ready to go, and then we'll try it again on Wednesday." (via WEEI)

Haynesworth returned to the practice field over the weekend, but did not practice, instead watching from the sidelines. While Belichick says Haynesworth could play Saturday, it's very unlikely if he can't even practice this close to game day.

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