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Red Sox 0, Rangers 1, End 3: Bad Call Costs Erik Bedard, Boston A Run

Erik Bedard cannot catch a break.

After Darnell McDonald’s one-pitch out in the top of the inning helped C.J. Wilson get his pitch count under control some, Bedard came out to pitch to the bottom of the lineup, and as has been happening lately, got the short end of the stick in every way.

The second batter he faced, Craig Gentry, drew a walk despite having the final pitch clearly pass through the strike zone. That’s reasonable, though, since it’s been a small zone so far. The problem came in the next at bat, when Ian Kinsler laced a sinking liner to right field. Josh Reddick came in, bent over, and clearly picked the ball off his shoetops in the air. First base umpire Doug Eddings must have been seeing things, however, as he called a trapped ball, setting up runners on first and second with one out. Three pitches later, and a single up the middle from Elvis Andrus allowed a run to score that never should have had a chance.

Andrus would gift the out back when he was caught inexplicably straying off of first after a pitch, but the damage had been done.