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Red Sox Vs. Royals: Wheels Fall Off In Eight-Run Sixth As Kansas City Takes 9-4 Lead

Tim Wakefield may never get his 200th win.

After entering the sixth inning with a 4-1 lead courtesy of a strong fourth inning rally and Ryan Lavarnway’s first RBI in the top of the inning, a combination of Wakefield, Albers, and Morales allowed the Royals to not only come all the way back, but take a commanding 9-4 lead.

Terry Francona was not particularly slow with the hook, as has been the Sox’ downfall in other Wakefield starts; this time Wakefield was just too fast about his implosion, giving up a single and a pair of doubles on three straight pitches.

With the score now 4-3, in came Matt Albers, and away went the game. After walking the first batter he faced, Albers allowed a game tying single, picked up a loud fly ball out, and then gave up three more runs on a single and a double. He left after being called on to intentionally walk Billy Butler, which didn’t prove particularly helpful given that Franklin Morales quickly allowed a triple to Eric Hosmer to make it 9-4.

Wakefield will have to wait still longer for his milestone win, and it’s looking like the Sox will have to wait a while longer to take back first place.