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Vince Wilfork Thinks Albert Haynesworth Will Make The Patriots Better

Vince Wilfork is a fan of Albert Haynesworth, and he thinks that he will “make us better.”

“My main thing is, I want him on the field,” Wilfork said. “It’s a pleasure to play with a guy like him. One of the best in the league, I think everyone’s seen that; that the guy can play. It’s not going to do anything but make us better. He’s willing to learn. He’s in the meeting rooms. He’s trying to get the defensive stuff down. He’s taking care of his end so you know what I hope everything works out for all of us.” (via WEEI)

Haynesworth has yet to make his presence fully felt in Patriots’ training camp. Despite taking part in practice, Haynesworth has been dealing with an injury that kept him out of the Patriots’ preseason opener against the Jaguars – a 47-12 win.

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