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MLB All-Star Game 2011: Josh Beckett To Throw Side Session Sunday

A day after leaving the game early for what were dubbed "precautionary reasons," Josh Beckett is scheduled to throw a side session on Sunday and may be able to play in the All-Star Game on Tuesday, after all. 

Beckett, who struggled with the landing spot on the mound a few times in the fifth inning of Boston's 10-4 win, was said to have mildly hyperextended his knee. He gave up three runs on 25 pitches in that inning, after giving up no runs on only 44 pitches entering the inning. 

Beckett was selected to the Mid-Summer Classic by a vote of MLB players. According to, whether or not he plays in the game depends upon how the side session goes

"Obviously, not just for his start going forward with us, but with all-star ramifications you don’t want to hold up the league, they got their hands full as it is," manger Terry Francona said before Saturday night's game. "If he’s OK, he’s OK. If he needs to hold off then we will do that also. We respect the all-star stuff, but we also have an obligation to our team."