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Jon Lester Leaves Red Sox Game With Back Strain

Jon Lester had a no-hitter going through four innings Tuesday night and was cruising with a 3-0 lead with five strikeouts to boot before NESN's cameras caught Matt Albers warming in the Red Sox pen, team medial staff chatting with Terry Francona and the staff ace not returning to the game. 

The report from the team is that Lester was taken out of the game with a strain of his left Latissimus muscle - that would be the back, for those scoring at home - making him the second Red Sox pitcher to fall victim to a phantom back injury, after Clay Buchholz was DL-ed with a similar ailment a few weeks earlier. 

There aren't currently any more updates on Lester's condition, but he'll likely be re-evaluated by the medical staff after the game before a prognosis is issued and an update on his availability is handed out. 

Boston may be able to avoid sending Lester to the DL if they feel that the injury isn't serious because of the all-star game, but it would take some rotation shuffling to do so. 

Matt Albers pitched two scoreless innnings in relief, not giving up Toronto's first hit until there were two outs in the sixth inning.