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2011 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest: Pete Davekos, Lauren Gallagher Representing Masssachusetts

Two local residents, Pete Davekos and Lauren Gallagher of Foxboro, will have the chance to participate in one of the world's most prestigious sporting events on Independence Day - the 96th annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Well, it may not be prestigious, but it has become a staple event on Independence Day here in the United States. The competition will be held at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York per usual, with many participants (athletes?) from across the country taking part.

Joey Chestnut and his bottomless stomach will look to steal the show once again. Chestnut, who has won the last four Mustard Belts (the award for winning the contest), once ate 68 hot dogs to win the contest, setting a world record.

One of the events biggest names, Takeru Kobayashi, is not expected to participate in this year's contest. Kobayashi won six straight Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest from 2001 through 2006.

Here's the list of participants in this year's contest from Nathan's official website. The numbers besides the participants denotes the number of hot dogs and buns they were able to eat in previous competitions.

96th annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Las Vegas, NV
Sean Gordon (30)
Stephanie Torres (23)

Newnan, GA
Gravy Brown (28.75)
Larell Marie Mele (13)

Foxboro, MA
Pete Davekos (25)
Lauren Gallagher (3)

Atlantic City, NJ
Sonya Thomas (34)
Pat Philbin (27)

Cleveland, OH
Pat Bertoletti (38)
Jamie Park (7)

Queens, NY
Tim Janus (45)
Laura Leu (7)

Pittsburgh, PA
Aaron Osthoff (28)
Juliet Lee (28)

Tempe, AZ
Erik Denmark (29) 
Michelle Lesco (21.5)

Thackerville, OK
Adrian Morgan (23) 
Katrina Klein (5)

Hawthorne, CA
Damon Wells (26.5)
Christine Kitchenmaster (8.5)