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Erik Bedard Traded to Red Sox

The Red Sox have reportedly got their guy - again.

As Andrew Miller spent Sunday afternoon wilting away in the Chicago heat, Boston brass went to work trying to find a guy to replace him. 

Erik Bedard - not Rich Harden - seems to be that guy.

In a move that will send Portland catcher Tim Federowicz to the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and a player or players to be named to Seattle, the Red Sox have acquired the beleaguered Seattle starter, who returned from the disabled list recently with a stultifying performance that decreased his value in the eyes of many. 

Bedard, who's 55-48 with a 3.69 ERA over an eight-year career with Seattle and Baltimore, is on a one-year deal and will be an unrestricted free agent following the 2011 season. He was reported to not want to leave Seattle, so it'll be interesting to see how he makes do in the Boston clubhouse. 

Whether or not Bedard replaces Andrew Miller or Tim Wakefield in the Boston rotation remains to be seen, but he'll likely take Miller's spot and Terry Francona will have the luxury of using the tall left-hander out of the bullpen.