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ESPN Cameraman Plays Willful Faux Celeb Thanks To A Fortunate Phone Number

It's not quite 867-5309, but ESPN cameraman Bob Gray's number - whatever it is - has made the Clevelander-turned-Los Angeles native into a pseudo-celebrity.

It's also given him a new identity, according to LA Weekly.

Gray, who once filmed for NBA TV and now works for ESPN, was able to worm his way into a birthday party for Paris Hilton, thanks to some clever and adept maneuvering, veiling himself as a director of "Bigfoot" and his girlfriend as the leading actress. 

It's not the only Hilton party Gray's been to as a result of his good fortune, and he's found himself in some other promising social situations as well. 

As a result of his experience, Gray and a friend are in the working phases of drafting a script for a screenplay based around Gray's good luck.

But despite getting calls from Adam Sandler and being offered a part in a Nick Cannon movie, Gray's keeping a level head about the situation. He's forwarded all appropriate requests to the celeb whom they were intended for, and has been told that he'll be welcomed for dinner at some point in the future.