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Providence Station Manufactures, Produces Fake Highlights

As a blogger, I know it's hard to be everywhere at once. 

Even big-time networks can't have cameras on every sporting event taking place at every single time. 

Thank God for WPRI In Providence, which has determined a way around this once-seeming perpetual shortcoming of broadcast media. 

The network, which missed the closing moments of the Ocean State Women's Golf Association Championship, simply asked the competitors to re-enact the scene. Its brilliance was underscored only by PRI's misspelling of "Amateur" in the video

The station apologized for its transgression, releasing a statement that said all the right things about how it should never be anyone's intention to re-create news, acknowledging a "lack of judgment" and internal "miscommunication."

I'm unsure as to what kind of "miscommunication" it takes for a network to grossly recreate a scene from a sporting event after the fact, but I'm sure it makes for a great bar story.