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Women's World Cup 2011, Finals Japan vs. USA: Still Scoreless Heading Into Final Third

With the Americans still unable to finish their chances, the undersized Japanese side is starting to generate some momentum as the World Cup final heads into the final third of regulation. 

The United States, which lost Lauren Cheney to a right ankle injury at the start of the second half, substituted in Alex Morgan, who had a great opportunity just after her entrance - with a loose ball in front of the Japanese net, Morgan booted it off of the inside of the right post, but the ball didn't make it across the goal line and the score remained tied. 

Abby Wambach continues to be a force, making strong runs with the ball and working well without it, although the Japanese have shown a willingness to use multiple bodies on her to keep her from being effective, especially on corner kicks. 

With the game now in its 60th minute, both sides will really be tried. The Americans haven't scored a goal in a World Cup final since 1991.