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Women's World Cup 2011, Finals Japan vs. USA: Americans With Plenty Of Chances, No Results Early

In a match that's looked a lot like an early-season hockey game, the American side has had plenty of chances against the smaller Japanese squad, but so far have nothing to show for it. 

Twice the Yanks have had swing chances, but neither corner managed to connect with a target - presumably, Abby Wambach's head. 

Wambach herself has created chances on a couple of big runs, most recently in the 28th minute when she got the Americans' best look at a lead, but shot the ball of the crossbar on a cross after she'd easily beaten the Japanese defense. 

The American defense has held Japan to very few touches, and fewer opportunities still, but Hope Solo's been strong when she's needed to be, keeping the game scoreless through its first third. 

Pia Sundaghe's tactical changes heading into this game have been a big part of the reason for the early American advantage, as the United States has been able to collapse their defense and get out of their own third with ease anytime that Japan's attacked. 

The speed and size of the Red, White and Blue are going to continue to be a problem for Japan, which will look to counter with strong, precise passing and taking advantage of any holes they can find in the American defense.