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NFL Lockout: Player, Owners Nearing Final Stages Of Agreement

We're getting closer and closer to a new CBA in the NFL, meaning that the lengthy lockout is coming to a close. The latest glimmer of hope comes from former Boston Globe writer and current NFL Network reporter, Albert Breer.

The parties achieved the single biggest breakthrough they've needed over the last two weeks, closing in on agreement on the rookie compensation system on Thursday.

The result, it appears, is that the economics of the deal are, essentially, done. A lot of details remain, though it's hard to envision those left standing in the way of a deal. (via NFL Network)

While a deal isn't officially in place yet, it's encouraging to hear that the biggest reported hurdle has been cleared. The first official event in the 2011 season is the Hall of Fame game on August 7, and both sides have seemed to stress the importance of reaching a deal before the game.

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