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The Mass Dash: Relay Across The State

Many believe that the Boston Marathon is as tough as it gets when it comes to road races in Massachusetts, but compared to The Mass Dash - a 200-mile race across Massachusetts - it's a walk in the park.

The Mass Dash is a relay event that is happening this weekend (July 16th and 17th) that consists of teams of six to 12 people. There are 36 legs across the Bay State that runners can switch with their teammates. It starts near the Berkshires and goes all the way to UMass Boston.

Runners are able to see everything from mountains to waterfalls to different towns all across Massachusetts.

"Breathtaking views for 200 miles, and all absolutely gorgeous," said race director Bruce Leshine when asked about the scenery.

The Mass Dash relay is all about raising as much money as possible for charity.

Said Leshine, "The Mass Dash is special because it is a two-day team adventure race with a very significant purpose, bringing together hundreds of runners, sharing their time, their thoughts and themselves while racing across Massachusetts on a summer weekend, all dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support family, friends and neighbors in the fight against cancer."

All the proceeds from the race go directly to the Dan-Farber Cancer Institute. Teams have to raise a certain amount of money for running the race, but it goes to a great charity. 

And if you see someone running in the Mass Dash, don't forget to say "nice job!"

For more on the Mass Dash, visit their homepage.