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The Next Marketable Superstar?

You have seen the likes of LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Alex Rodriguez and many others go through a phase in which their gear was worn all around the world and they would be noticed by everyone in the country. Even though LeBron's popularity has been going downhill, he is still a marketable superstar.

Each and every player has different qualities that makes them self be popular with almost everyone in the country. Everything from on the field performance to championships to looks can impact how you spread around in popularity.

Hope Solo could enter a zone of unstoppable marketability. If the USA can pull of a win vs. Japan in the FIFA World Cup, then she will enter the zone in which few call, marketable superstars.

Hope has been gifted with all of the abilities of becoming a superstar on the world market.

1) She is an Absolutely Amazing Goalie- When your called "one of the best" goalies in the world by many different people and analysts, you know that you are up to something good. She had lead the USA team to a World Cup final berth by playing stellar defense. People look at the skills of LeBron, A-Rod, Crosby...and now they should look at Hope and say the same thing about her.

2) She is (Almost) a Winner- If Solo is able to lead this team to a World Cup win, then you can put her among the big time winners for her country. People love athletes who win for their country and Hope is (very) close to becoming one of those. 

3) She is Good Looking- Admit it, she could market anything. Anyone who is good looking can market their brand by another 10-20%. 

So even if this World Cup is lost, she will own 2/3 of the marketable superstar abilities.