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Women's World Cup 2011, Semifinals France vs. United States: France Gets The Equalizer, Ties Match With United States At 1

Eventually, it had to catch up with them. 

The American sweepers had been strong all game, but a weak effort from the midfielders allowed Sonia Bompastor an opportunity from about 20 yards, and Bompastor put a cross on the frame that beat a United States sweeper as well as Hope Solo to tie the game for France

The French attack had continued to pick up steam as the game wore on, with the Americans giving way to France, consistently unable to get a shot on the goal since their opening tally at the nine-minute mark. 

Ally Krieger has gone down for the Americans, who are playing with only ten men heading into the final third of regulation, and the French are continuing to attack the United States from 20 yards. 

Megan Rapinoe has just entered the game for the United States for Carly Lloyd. The Americans are now back to a full side, and from the looks of it, they'll need every bit they can get.