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Women's World Cup 2011, Semifinals France vs. USA: United States Leads 1-0 At Half Time

The United States is up against a characteristically different team in the semifinals than they played in the quarterfinals. 

While the Brazilians made their plays with vision and patience, waiting for the pitch to develop before moving with the ball (or just moving the ball), France likes to run. 

And it's starting to wear on the Americans. 

An early goal by Lauren Cheney put the United States up, and that 1-0 lead has held throughout stoppage time in the first half, but the tired legs of the Americans started to afford les Bleus some chances that such a disciplined team might not have given up were they more well-rested. 

Hope Solo has been strong when her team has needed her to be, and while the Americans may find themselves susceptible to more - if less-well designed - attacks, there's been a less frenetic pace in their own third, perhaps due to the presence of Becky Sauerbrunn in Rachel Buehler's stead.

Sauerbrunn's less prone to the quick exit pass, and has helped the Americans to successfully clear after numerous failed French attacks throughout the first half.