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MLB All-Star Game 2011: Josh Beckett Is Good To Go For All-Star Game

According to just about everyone on Twitter this morning, Josh Beckett threw a successful - and regularly scheduled - side session on Sunday morning and will be available to pitch for Ron Washington and the American League All-Stars on Tuesday evening (late afternoon) in Phoenix. 

It's good news for the American League, which is already out starters Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, who decided they'd rather improve the team's chances of winning by removing themselves from the roster than hog the spotlight for themselves - something they've both done quite well lately, anyhow. 

The American League All-Stars come into the game looking to avoid an All-Star Game losing streak for the first time since 1997, when, backed by an MVP performance from home favorite Sandy Alomar, the AL stopped a three-game National League winning streak, winning 3-1 at Cleveland's Jacobs Field. 

The National League won its first All-Star Game in 13 tries (0-12-1) last July at Angel Stadium by a 3-1 margin.