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NBA Lockout: David Stern, Players Still Far Apart As Deadline Looms

Welcome to the lockout world, NBA fans.

While the league hasn't officially locked out its players yet, all signs indicate that the league and its players are heading towards an impasse. The current CBA expires at midnight on Thursday, and if an agreement isn't reached by that point, it's likely that David Stern and company will lockout the players.

The two main figures in the labor negotiations are NBA commisioner David Stern and NBA Players Association director Billy Hunter, but plenty of other league executives and players will be involved in the discussions.

Similar to the NFL Lockout, discussions will be held behind closed doors according to Stern.

"We're not going to negotiate in the media," he said Tuesday after meeting with owners. "We haven't before, we're not going to do it now. We're looking forward to having our discussion with the players." (via ESPN)

There are many issues up for debate, including salaries, salary cap, revenue and revenue sharing. One of the biggest issues appears to be the salary cap, with the league wanting total salary to not exceed $2 billion.

There hasn't been an NBA Lockout in over 10 years, with the last work stoppage coming in the 1998-99 season. 

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