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NBA Trade Rumors: Josh Smith Reportedly Interested In Boston Celtics

Josh Smith, who has played seven seasons with the Atlanta Hawks, has reportedly listed the Boston Celtics as one of the teams he is interested in playing for. Smith has not requested a trade, but league sources indicated that he told his inner circle that his time in Atlanta has run its course.

Smith hasn't requested a trade, but has privately told league friends that the Boston Celtics, New Jersey NetsHouston Rockets and Orlando Magic are his preferred destinations should the Hawks decide to move him. (via Yahoo! Sports)

Smith, a forward, would fit in nicely with the Celtics, but it wouldn't be easy for the cash-strapped C's to acquire the young phenom. Smith is owed $25.6 million over the final two years of his contract.

Who would the Celtics have to give up for Smith? It's no secret that the Hawks' general manager, Rick Sund, is a fan of two members of the 17-time champions in particular.

Hawks GM Rick Sund has long coveted Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen - two aging Celtics entering the final years of contracts - but Celtics GM Danny Ainge has yet to show an inclination to break up his core for next season.

It would be tough for Ainge to break up the Big Three, but in the long run, trading Garnett and Allen for Smith could be extremely beneficial for Boston, as the duo of Rondo and the high-flying Smith could prove to be lethal.

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