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Shaquille O'Neal Tied To Kidnapping, Robbery, Sex Tape Case

Shaquille O'Neal, who recently retied after 19 NBA seasons - including one with the Boston Celtics, has been tied to a kidnapping, robbery and sex tape case that took place in Los Angeles, according to a TMZ report.

TMZ reports that seven gang members "allegedly kidnapped, beat up and robbed a man who claimed to have a tape showing Shaq having sex with other women while he was married to Shaunie" on November 11, 2008.

The man who was beaten is named Robert Ross, who was reportedly in possession of a sex tape that showed O'Neal cheating on his wife. Ross worked with O'Neal and his business manager on bringing in artists for their record label.

According to the police report, the 7 gang members met up with Ross at a convenience store -- Pink Dot -- on the Sunset Strip. The men allegedly surrounded Ross' Rolls Royce Phantom with guns drawn, jumped into Ross' car and ordered him to drive to Rowles' house in South Central L.A.

Once there, Rowles allegedly pistol whipped Ross and demanded that he turn over the sex tape. Ross said he would get the tape and bring it back to them. The 7 men then allegedly took Ross' Rolex,diamond chain and earrings, along with $15,000 in cash -- then let Ross go. (via TMZ)

How is O'Neal tied to the scandal? TMZ writes that Ross and O'Neal had a falling out after Ross helped bring artist Ray J to O'Neal's record label, but was "cut out of the deal."

Ross told cops after his falling out, he threatened Shaq by telling him about the sex tape, threatening to release it unless Shaq paid up. (via TMZ)

Ross and O'Neal's wife at the time, Shaunie, also had an affair, according to TMZ. O'Neal was interviewed by the LAPD, and has not been listed as a suspect.