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Mariners 2, Red Sox 0: Red Sox Shut Out As Bats Fail In The Clutch

A 0-for-11 figure with runners in scoring position left the Red Sox the victims of a 2-0 shutout loss at the hands of the Seattle Mariners.

The Red Sox have been struggling to find big hits in their lineup since the first day of the season, and from the first inning it was apparent that this was again going to be the issue Saturday. With two walks and a single loading the bases with one out in the first, the Sox had two good chances to break the game open early. But David Ortiz struck out swinging, failing to even bring in the run from third, and while J.D. Drew gave the ball quite a ride, it died short in dead center to end the threat.

Even when the Sox swung the bat well in the clutch, it just ended up hurting them. Such was the case with Adrian Gonzalez' line drive with the bases loaded and zero outs in the fifth inning. Jack Wilson snagged the ball in the air, and quickly tossed it to second to double up Jacoby Ellsbury off of second. In six of their nine innings, the Sox would leave a runner at second, third, or both.

John Lackey, meanwhile, was off of his game, but able to dodge damage for the most part. A walk, single, and double plated the Mariners' first run in the third inning, while they manufactured another in the sixth using a pair of singles and sacrifices to pick up an insurance run they ultimately did not need.

After an 8-1 streak brought the Red Sox within a game of .500, they have lost four of their last five, falling to 11-15 in April.