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SB Nation And Announce Content Partnership

By now you may have seen: SB Nation and announced a content sharing partnership to integrate content. It brings together the nation's fastest growing online sports network (SB Nation) with's local coverage.

"We are continually exploring new ways to bring the very best content to our visitors, and partnering with SB Nation furthers that mission," said Tim Murphy, Vice President of Digital Strategy & Enterprise Platforms for Entercom. "SB Nation is the leader in fan-driven content, opinion and analysis."

"This is a groundbreaking opportunity that brings one of the nation's leading sports media brands together with a new generation and form of sports content," said Scott Langerman, General Manager of SB Nation's local initiatives. "We see a trailblazing spirit that mirrors our own and allows us to do new things in the space together."

What's this mean exactly? 

In short, the two sides will be sharing content and "enhance the experience for users" of both sites. Additionally, becomes the exclusive in-market content partner for SB Nation and its network of over 300 communities.

  • will feature headlines and content from SB Nation websites relevant to all the Boston teams, and SB Nation will's highly-regarded reporting and personalities to its readers in Boston and beyond.
  • A new feature on called "Behind Enemy Lines" will provide news and commentary from SB Nation's network of team-focused blogs about upcoming Boston opponents. 
  • A new, co-branded landing page will include links to SB Nation content appearing on as well as outbound links to national stories within the SB Nation network.
  • and SB Nation will integrate relevant content within each other's coverage of Boston sports teams, offering a unique diversity of perspectives on all the local teams.
  • Content from each partner will appear on dedicated team pages & blogs in widget form for easy-to-use functionality.