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Patriots Tender Contract To BenJarvus Green Ellis

Restricted free agent in waiting BenJarvus Green-Ellis has been tendered a contract by the New England Patriots according to Ian Rapoport. The offer is reportedly worth enough to be worth a second round draft pick in compensation should Green-Ellis sign anywhere else.

While we don't know what the next CBA is going to look like whenever the owners and players actually manage to work one out, at least at the moment that's a pretty sizable deal for the 1,000 yard rusher who started the year buried deep on the depth chart. It's also a significant nod of confidence from the team that he will play a significant role on the next Patriots team.

As a restricted free agent (at least under the current CBA), Green-Ellis can negotiate with any team he wants to, but the Patriots will be given a chance to match any offer from another club and retain his services, or let him go and receive a compensatory draft pick in return.