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2011 NCAA Bracket Predictions: Experts Like Ohio State To Win National Title

Everyone in your office pool is busy filling out their brackets, and the national college basketball experts are no different. From SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean to ESPN's Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas, everyone is picking their Final Four for the 2011 NCAA Tournament. But with so many experts, it can be tough to keep track of who likes who. Fortunately, Real Clear Sports has compiled "all the Final Four and champion picks from the experts in one place" (they have a whole big chart over there, so go take a look). 

A quick look tells us that the professionals really like Ohio St. to cut down the nets in Houston this year. Indeed, a whopping 17 the 23 experts (74 percent) who picked a champion tabbed the Buckeyes to win it all. Four (17%) picked Kansas and two picked Duke (9%). No love for Pittsburgh though.

The Southeast saw the largest number of different teams picked to advance with Pitt being the most popular selection, with 18 picks. There were seven picks for Florida, three for Kansas State, two for Wisconsin, and one for each Michigan State and BYU.

May want to bookmark this page and check back after the tournament.