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2011 NCAA Tournament: Brackets Released, Boston University In As No. 16 Seed

The 2011 NCAA bracket has been released, unveiled on Selection Sunday, with Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh and Duke the four No. 1 seeds, in that order. Locally, Boston University got a No. 16 seed and now is headed to meet the Jayhawks in Southwest Region. 

There's no Boston College or Harvard, two local teams that saw their bubbles popped on Sunday -- next up, most likely, is the NIT -- as did Harvard and the ACC's Virginia Tech, continuing Seth Greenberg's never-ending loop of sadness.

Connecticut, the Big East champion after the Huskies won five games in five days, earned a No. 3 seed, in the Weset Region, and will open again No. 14 Bucknell.

The madness begins with a pair of games both Tuesday and Wednesday night in what is being called the First Round before the full insanity tips off Thursday afternoon.

Need a printable NCAA bracket to fill out for the tournament? Download SB Nation's March Madness Bracket.

East Region

1 Ohio State vs. 16 UTSA/16 Alabama State
8 George Mason vs. 9 Villanova
5 West Virginia vs. 12 UAB/Clemson
4 Kentucky vs. 13 Princeton
6 Xavier vs. 11 Marquette
3 Syracuse vs. 14 Indiana State
7 Washington vs. 10 Georgia
2 North Carolina vs. 15 Long Island

West Region

1 Duke vs. 16 Hampton
8 Michigan vs. 9 Tennessee
5 Arizona vs. 12 Memphis
4 Texas vs. 13 Oakland
6 Cincinnati vs. 11 Missouri
3 Connecticut vs. 14 Bucknell
7 Temple vs. 10 Penn State
2 San Diego State vs. 15 Northern Colorado

Southwest Region

1 Kansas vs. 16 Boston University
8 UNLV vs. 9 Illinois
5 Vanderbilt vs. 12 Richmond
4 Louisville vs. 13 Morehead State
6 Georgetown vs. 11 Southern Cal/Virginia Commonwealth
3 Purdue vs. 14 Saint Peter's
7 Texas A&M vs. 10 Florida State
2 Notre Dame vs. 15 Akron

Southeast Region

1 Pittsburgh vs. 16 UNC-Asheville/Arkansas-Little Rock
8 Butler vs. 9 Old Dominion
5 Kansas State vs. 12 Utah State
4 Wisconsin vs. 13 Belmont
6 St. John's vs. 11 Gonzaga
3 BYU vs. 14 Indiana State
7 UCLA vs. 10 Michigan State
2 Florida vs. 15 UC Santa Barbara