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Ray Watch: Ray Allen Just Two Three-Pointers Shy Of NBA Career Record

Ray Allen is on the doorstep of etching his name into the NBA history books, and all it will take is two more three pointers. When Allen drains his next two triples, he will stand alone, having made the most three pointers in NBA history.

Considering the fact that Allen is averaging 2.3 made three pointers per contest, all signs point to him setting the NBA record in the Celtics' next game. It just so happens that the Celtics next game is a primetime match-up with the archrival Los Angeles Lakers at TD Garden Thursday night.

Better yet, one of the men who will broadcast Thursday night's game on TNT is none other than the current three-point king, Reggie Miller. In his 18-year career, Miller drained 2,560 three pointers while averaging 2.4 threes per game.

What a storyline, huh? The old three point king in the house to witness the player who will take his throne break his record, and all while Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers happen to be in the building. David Stern must be jumping for joy.

Allen currently had made 2,559 in his illustrious 15-year NBA career. This season alone, Allen has drained 115 threes in 51 games. Allen is shooting a very impressive 46.2% from three-point range while averaging 17.5 points per game in 2010-11.

There truly isn't anyone more deserving of owning the all-time three point record than Allen. His jumper is certainly the most aesthetically pleasing in the game, and perhaps the history of the league. Not only is Allen's shot pleasing to watch, it's also deadly accurate. 

Allen is a career 45.2% shooter and has made 39.8% of his shots beyond the arc in his career. This season, Allen is shooting a career-high 50.7% from the field and an amazing 46.2% from long distance. 

There's no question that Allen has the numbers to have his pictured hung up on in Springfield once he calls it quits. In fact, Allen makes a very strong case for being a first ballot Hall of Famer. Setting the three point record will just be icing on the cake.