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Patriots Prepared To Part Ways With Nick Kaczur

After six seasons on the team, right tackle Nick Kaczur is preparing to part ways with the New England Patriots per a report from Ian Rapoport.

Having undergone back surgery last August, Kaczur missed the entirety of the 2010 season, leading the Patriots to seek to restructure his contract. With Kaczur unwilling to accept any significant pay cut, the team will either have to pay him what he is owed in his contract--something they are not likely to do--or cut him. 

A third round pick in 2005, Kaczur has been with the team for the entirety of his career. While he's never reached the heights or received the accolades that several of his fellow linesman have, he's been a mainstay of the group, and the disruption caused by his loss is magnified by the current state of the unit.

To start with, Matt Light has been looking old for a few years now, and isn't the same difference maker he was in days past. Dan Koppen, too, has had difficulties against strong defenses, and could be gone in the near future. Meanwhile, it's not even clear if either Stephen Neal or Logan Mankins will be with the team next year. Neal has been considering retirement, while Mankins' frustration with his contract situation has only grown after having the team's franchise tag placed on him. It's possible the Patriots will return only Sebastian Vollmer and Dan Connoly from last year's starting unit.