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Big East Expansion: Conference To Announce Five New Teams Wednesday, According To Report

The Big East Conference is reportedly expected to announce five new teams on Wednesday, all of whom would likely begin participating in the conference in 2013.

Sources told CBS Sports' Brett McMurphy the Big East will announce Boise State, San Diego State, Houston, Southern Methodist University and Central Florida as new members on Wednesday. Navy is also expected to join the conference and could be announced as early as next week.

Boise State and San Diego State would join the conference as football-only members, while Houston, SMU and UCF are expected to join as all-sport members. Navy, who would be the 11th team to join the conference under the scenario discussed in McMurphy's report, would become football-only members.

The Big East is reportedly hoping that Air Force will become its 12th member, but the school is undecided on whether to join.

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