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TV Schedule, December 12: Rams Vs. Seahawks On Monday Night Football, More

Monday's TV schedule, complete with channels and times, customized for the Boston sports fan. Click on any team's name for complete schedules, scores, and previews, plus an active community devoted to your team. All times ET.

The Patriots just beat the Redskins on Sunday and the Bruins have off until Tuesday. Kind of a slow-ish day for sports on TV. Hm. Maybe spend some time with your family?

Otherwise, there's still some good television to watch. Here it is:

National Football League

• Monday Night Football: St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks at 8:30 p.m. (ESPN) A less-than-sexy matchup between the two worst teams in the NFC West. But it is football. On the TV. On Monday. ... Pretty, pretty good.

More live sports viewing options after the jump

National Hockey League

• New Jersey Devils vs. Tampa Bay Lightning at 7 p.m. (Versus)

International Soccer

• Premier League: Manchester United vs. Chelsea at 2:50 p.m. (ESPN2)
• Italian: Roma vs. Juventus at 2:30 (Fox Soccer Channel)