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Video: Jeremy Lin Kills It In Humorous 'How To Get Into Harvard' Video

With the NBA lockout in full effect, future Golden State Warriors point guard and 2011 Harvard University alumnus Jeremy Lin had some free time on his hands. And so, he decided to answer a question he gets quite frequently by making a YouTube video detailing just how he got into his prestigious alma mater.


To be clear, the video is something of a farce, with advice like, "Get glasses. If you already have glasses, get bigger glasses." The video also includes humorous clips of Lin getting hit in the head with a basketball while attempting to shoot free throws while doing multiplication exercises and running into a girl in the library while trying to practice his basketball skills away from the gym.


In a poignant moment near the end of the video, Lin advises current high-school students to worry less and enjoy the ride, noting that he was rejected from his dream school, Stanford University, but wound up with a partially-guaranteed NBA contract with his hometown team, anyway.


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