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Worcester Sharks Offer Rob Gronkowski $7500 To Spike Puck On Feb. 24

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Bad news for all those Sharks players hoping to get a new coffee maker in the team club house: Sharks president Michael A. Mudd already took $7500 out of petty cash to lure Rob Gronkowski to the Feb. 24 game against the Providence Bruins at the DCU Center in Worcester.

The San Jose Sharks' AHL affiliate has agreed to reimburse the Patriots tight end for the fine he received after spiking the ball following a touchdown against the New York Jets back on Nov. 13. All Gronkowski has to do is recreate the scene using a hockey puck.

Mudd explains (via NESN)::

"The Sharks are really excited that Gronkowski took us up on our offer. This is a win-win for everyone. Sharks fans are Patriots fans and I know that they will pack the house to root on Rob and the Sharks on February 24 at the DCU Center."

No official word yet from the Sharks front office on whether or not Gronkowski will be on skates, but for that kind of money, he should at least be required to complete a short program.