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NBA Players/Owners Scheduling Last Ditch Meeting To Save Season

As of Friday afternoon it appeared that both the NBA Players Association and the Owners had essentially conceded that there would be no basketball played this year.  No meetings had been scheduled, and the Monday deadline to start cancelling regular season games was apparently going to pass with no last ditch effort.

According to multiple reports, that has changed, and both sides are now scrambling to arrange a meeting tonight in New York City with an eye towards saving the start of the NBA's regular season (scheduled to begin in just 3 weeks.

Talks had broken off last week when the two sides couldn't find a middle ground on the most important negotiating point, shared revenue.  The owners were willing to consider a 50/50 split, but the players balked at the idea, wanting nothing less than a guaranteed 53 percent of all basketball revenues (down from 57 during the most recent CBA).  

Even if an agreement on revenue can be reached, there are other problems to be resolved.  Most notably, the advent of a hard cap, has been an issue that the players have not even been willing to broach.