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New England Patriots Announce "Patriot Dogs"

Chances are you've probably heard of and eaten your share of Fenway Franks, but get ready to make room in the refrigerator for something new: "Patriot Dogs".

The team announced today in a joint statement with Chelsea based Kayem (New England's largest meat processor) that it would be creating an exclusive new hot dog that would bear the logo of the New England Patriots. Kayem is the official brand of franks and sausages at Gillette Stadium.

According to the press release from Kayem, the Patriots Dog will have a distinct flavor based on a new blend of spices that will create a bold flavor. Shaw's Supermarkets will be the distribution arm for the product, though no release date has been announced.

Kayem also is the official frank and sausage provider for the Jacksonville Jaguars and has been manufacturing and distributing the Fenway Franks that are so popular at Fenway Park since 2009.