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MIAA Discussing Tournament Changes

The governing body of all of Massachusetts' High School Athletics is examining some potential format changes in their playoff system that would theoretically level the playing field for all schools.  Two plans have been submitted, the first of which would provide a new formula to align similar schools, the other would split the private/catholic schools away from the public schools.

A survey of principals strongly supported the idea of changing the current format for competitive reasons.  More than 72 percent voted in favor of exploring the idea of a "multiplier" formula that would help to identify which schools should be in which division.  

Many have long believed that the catholic and private schools in the state have an inherent ability over the public schools because of their ability to recruit the best athletes from towns.  Public school coaches have struggled to build stronger programs as a result and private schools often dominate the regular seasons in most sports.

No meeting date has been set, but it's believed that the issue will be discussed sometime before Thanksgiving.