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Bruins Receive Championship Rings

Often times in other sports, the championship team will receive its rings on the field of play the night of the home opener. The Bruins organization decided that a red carpet event at the Boston Harbor Hotel would be a better option.

The Bruins players, coaches, and staff all received their specially designed rings tonight at a fabulous event at the Wharf Room of the Habor Hotel in downtown Boston two days ahead of the season opener against Philadelphia at the TD Garden.

The design of the rings was deliberately kept under wraps so as to be a surprise to the players. Even owner Jeremy Jacobs had no idea what they would look like when they were presented tonight. "I purposely did not play a role in that," Jacobs said. "I know others, my son [Charlie] and Cam [Neely], they were deeply involved in this...I haven't been able to get much from them on this."