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Bruins Center Milan Lucic Says Team Is Just Fine As Is

While an outsider might think the defending champion Boston Bruins are in need of some reinforcements, forward Milan Lucic said Monday that the Bruins are doing just fine, thank you very much. Boston has lost three straight contests and finds itself dead last in the Eastern Conference, but Lucic isn't worried, according to a report from WEEI.


"I think we've proven that this group works. If you look into it too much, you can almost go [crazy] if you read into it or look into it too much," Lucic said. "This group works, and the only way we're going to start working again is if we start playing like a group again. I think that's our biggest challenge right now."


Reports have stated general manager Peter Chiarelli has been talking to other general managers about a trade or two or that the Bruins could call up a player from Providence.  But for Lucic, the key is that the players currently with the team work to play as a team.

"We need everyone going at the same time and everyone being on the same page and trusting the system, because when we're going as a group and playing that system that we know how to play, we've obviously shown that we can be one of, if not the best, teams in the league," Lucic said.

The Bruins are 3-7-0 and will host the Senators on Tuesday.