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Johnathan Kraft: Belichick To Coach Patriots For "Foreseeable Future"

The President of the New England Patriots, Jonathan Kraft, in an interview on WEEI said that Bill Belichick will be the head coach of the team for the foreseeable future.

"We’re very fortunate to have him, and I think you’ll see him coaching the Patriots for a number of years into the future," said Kraft.

While the team has never disclosed dollar figures or the length of Belichicks contract, it's believed that he is among the highest paid coaches of the league and will remain that way going forward.

"We don’t really talk about the term of Bill’s contract, but I think it’s safe to say that Bill is going to be the coach of the Patriots for the foreseeable future. I think we’re very fortunate to have him," said Kraft. "I think he’s the greatest coach in the history of the game. In this modern era where you have free agency and you have all the hurdles associated of having sustained excellence on the field, it’s very difficult. He’s exceptional at managing the roster, the X’s and O’s, and all the personality issues that go into managing a football team and coaching staff."