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Report: Red Sox May Allow Theo To Talk With Cubs

According to a report from WEEI, the Boston Red Sox ownership is considering letting the Chicago Cubs interview current Sox GM Theo Epstein for their vacant position. The original story came from the NY Post's Joel Sherman.

The move comes on the heels of the decision to part ways with manager Terry Francona after eight years on the job. Francona was on the bench for both World Series championships, the teams only two titles since 1918, but was also on the bench for this years September collapse. The Sox went 7-20 and blew a nine game lead in the Wild Card, culminating in a disastrous final day where they were passed by Tampa Bay.

Theo Epstein may also bare some of the responsibility for the collapse, as he was responsible for signing a number of the key players to big dollar contracts who underperformed throughout the season and struggled worse down the stretch.

Epstein has flirted with leaving the Sox in the past, most notably in 2005 when he resigned his position, only to return to the team five months later.