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San Diego Padres Interested In John Lackey?

The San Diego Tribune reported today that the San Diego Padres are interested in potentially acquiring the services of Boston Red Sox pitcher John Lackey providing that the Sox would be willing to pick up the bulk of the remaining tab.

The reason for the interest stems from the fact that Bud Black, the Padres manager, was Lackey's first pitching coach and might be able to help him get back to being a solid starting pitcher as he was for the Anaheim Angels earlier in his career.

The trouble with making a deal for Lackey is that SOMEONE will have to pay him.  Lackey is owed almost $46 million over the next three years, an awful lot of money for a starting pitcher that is being hung out to dry by the media for his role in the teams meltdown in September.

Lackey's 6.41 ERA was the worst by any Red Sox starting pitcher with at least 120 innings in franchise history.