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Big East Raises Exit Fees, Touts Stability

After a great deal of debate and hand wringing, the Big East Conference finally voted to raise the exit fee for any school seeking to leave for perceived greener pastures.  The fee to move out of conference is now $10 million, double the original $5 million.

The idea behind the move is to inspire stability in the conference as the university presidents must vote to approve such a move.  With so many of the remaining schools exploring a new home, raising the fee gives the impression that everyone, UConn included, is committed to saving the conference.

The conference is hoping to expand itself to include 12 football playing members, but potential candidates have been hesitant to consider moving to the conference based on the current instability and the fact that the conference's automatic BCS bid (really, it's sole attraction) might be in jeopardy without an anchor member.

Potential candidates include Navy, Air Force, Army, Central Florida, and Houston.  Boise St. has been mentioned as well, but appears unlikely to join.