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Report: Jed Hoyer A Candidate For Cubs GM

With negotiations still ongoing between the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs about compensation for allowing Sox GM Theo Epstein out of the final year of his contract, the Cubs are also searching for someone to work underneath Epstein. 

Epstein is expected to be named team president when the deal is completed, and Epstein's GM could be his former colleague Jed Hoyer.  Hoyer is the current general manager for the San Diego Padres and worked with Epstein in the Sox front office from 2002-2009.

With the World Series beginning tomorrow, the two sides are closing in on a deadline to get a deal done.  Major League Baseball has a policy that states that personnel and contract negotiation announcements can't be made during the World Series.

The Red Sox are seeking adequate compensation for allowing Epstein to leave.  Originally, the team hoped to acquire pitcher Matt Garza, but have since backed off that request and are now seeking minor league prospects instead of the customary "cash considerations".