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Bill O'Brien: "We Believe In Chad Ochocinco"

The rumors surrounding the New England Patriots interest in acquiring Denver Broncos receivers Brandon Lloyd or Eddie Royal supposedly stemmed from the lack of production from Chad Ochoncino.  But, Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien says that isn't the case.

"Ocho is progressing every week," O’Brien said of Ochocinco, who has nine catches through six games. "He’s done a really good job at practice and when he’s been in certain parts of games, he’s produced -- two-minute drives at the end of the half and things. We’re happy with where Ocho is right now.

Chad saw his snaps greatly reduced yesterday against the Dallas Cowboys, as the team committed more and more to the two tight end sets.  He was on the field for just seven snaps, including one where he ran the wrong route and was immediately taken out of the game.

Director player personnel Nick Caserio also thinks that it isn't fair to blame Chad for his lack of contributions.

"We’re happy with what Chad has done for us," Caserio said. "He’s probably one of our best practice players. He goes out there and works hard, practices hard. He competes and has made plays when he’s had the opportunity. We’re six games in, it’s a long season, and we’re happy that Chad is on the team."