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Adam McQuaid Traveling With Boston Bruins, David Krejci Not

After taking a nasty fall in the teams 3-2 loss to Carolina on Wednesday, Adam McQuaid is traveling with the team to Chicago for their game with the Blackhawks tomorrow night at the United Center.

There was concern that McQuaid might have a concussion after struggling to stay on his feet and appearing to be dazed following the fall, but the team would neither confirm or deny that was the case.

The injury occurred during the second period of the game while the Hurricanes were on the power play.  McQuaid was not hit on the play, rather it appeared that he simply lost his balance.  He stumbled to his feet moments later and tried to continue during the play by kneeling in front of the net next to Tim Thomas.

One player who is still not with the team is first line center David Krejci.  Krejci suffered what was described as a "core injury" in practice on Tuesday and did not play against Carolina and will not play in Saturday's game against the Blackhawks.