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UMass Move To FBS In Doubt?

The University of Massachusetts is scheduled to begin play as an FBS team next fall, but the Big East's potential invitation of Temple could alter that timetable drastically.

The Temple Owls are among a group of schools that the Big East is expected to extend an invitation to in its desperate attempt to save the conference from total annihilation.  If Temple were to leave the Mid-American Conference (UMass' destination), the MAC might choose to put the breaks on accepting UMass as a full-time member.

The MAC. apparently, has in place an out-clause that would allow them to drop UMass after two years should the conference layout change (Temple leaving for the Big East).  This would put the Minutemen in a very precarious position, as their basis for moving to the FBS level is predicated on having a conference to call home.

The MAC might also choose to honor the existing arrangement, but it would seem that UMass would be a less viable option if the conference were to lose a member.