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Dan Marino Expects His Passing Record To Fall

Legendary hall of fame quarterback Dan Marino has held the NFL's single season passing yards record for 27 years, but believes that his record will likely be broken, if not this year, then soon.

In 1984, the Dolphins quarterback threw for 5,084 yards, shattering the old record.  Few players have even come to close to breaking it since then, but Tom Brady is on pace to throw for nearly 6,000 yards through the first five weeks of the 2011 season.

Marino, currently with CBS as an analyst has said that the reason the record is so in danger now is because of rule changes that have limited the contact that secondary players can have with receivers.  Defenders are no longer allowed to be as physical with receivers past the line of scrimmage and are also being fined for launching themselves at defenseless receivers, a tactic that was used to great effect in the old days.

In addition to Brady's pursuit of Marino's record, Wes Welker is also on pace for another long standing record: most receiving yards in a season.  Welker is at 740 yards right now, on pace for over 2,300, which would demolish Jerry Rice's record of 1,848.